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A Smart Connection - CC 9068 App

Cables, displays, remote controls: previously, anyone on the lookout for a Bluetooth® hands-free car kit had to settle for having yet another device in the interior of their vehicle. Those days are now over. The new CC 9068 app from BURY can be operated in full via the smartphone display. It is also at least as elegant as the pre-installed communication systems from the vehicle manufacturers. And actually it is even better ...

Get in, turn on the ignition, activate the voice control and make telephone calls in comfort. The new CC 9068 app makes in-car phone calls easier than ever before. Developed on the basis of the multiple test winner, the CC 9060, the follow up model to the CC 9068 app not only has unique sound quality, but also all the comfort you could ever want for making phone calls when you're on the move. A special feature: the entire functional scope of the innovative system can be controlled fully via any conventional smartphone, irrespective of whether it is a model by Apple, Samsung, HTC or another manufacturer. "The CC 9068 app is compatible with almost all smartphones and their operating systems," explains Marketing Manager Björn-Erik Falkenau, before highlighting: "all you have to do is install our free app to your smartphone and all the functions can be controlled with comfort and ease." And there is also a wide range of functions as shown by a glance at the catalogue.

Offers great views

The specially developed smartphone app provides optimal acoustic and visual support and is based on the excellent, tried and tested control panel of the CC 9060 Plus. Even the automatic switching between day and night mode has been thought of. A special feature: different colour themes can be chosen in every mode – to suit the vehicle interior. The app is available for the current operating systems iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS.

Simply understands everything

The CC 9068 also includes another special feature: the DialogPlus voice control. With the highly accurate and especially fast reaction word recognition, it is also possible to control all of the telephone functions via voice commands. And no voice training is required, with a unique accuracy with the word recognition. The result is even convincing at high speeds: almost all the voice commands are understood without any problem whatsoever.

It's good for two

Thanks to the Multipoint function, it is possible to connect up to two telephones with the CC 9068 at the same time. This is ideal if you use both a business and private telephone. As soon as the telephones are connected with the hands-free car kit, the driver is able to talk hands free – regardless of the phone on which the incoming call occurs. To make outgoing calls, it is possible to switch between telephone 1 or 2 without any problem – with full access to the phone book, call lists and other stored data in each case.

Obedient to your every word

The command 'activate voice control' is enough to activate the system. Once this is done, all the driver has to do is read out the name of the person to be called, as stored in the phone book, to make a connection. Whether it's a succession of numbers or a phone book entry: the CC 9068 app reliably implements all voice commands. And those who prefer things short and sweet can allocate any telephone entry a shorter name or a nickname. The combination of several voice commands such as a phone book entry, a sub-category like 'mobile' or 'work' and the instruction 'call' can also enable the initialisation of a phone call.

Reads out texts

Incoming text messages, emails and phone book entries are read out clearly and comprehensibly thanks to the 'Text-to-speech' function in top sound quality via the vehicle’s sound system. And this means that the driver’s eyes stay on the road.

Replaces the diary

The integrated recording function means voice memos can be saved during your trip and full telephone calls can even be recorded as well. This means a pen and paper are no longer required.

Is an all around clever device

The CC 9068 app wouldn't be BURY if it settled for the common standard. That's why it not only enthuses users due to its wide range of functions, but also due to its many practical details. These include the universal cradle – the BURY Charging Cradle Universal. This can be turned by 180 degrees and it can also be tilted and ensures the optimum view and usability of the BURY app. The product is installed via the supplied dash-mount adapter. The additional charging function offered by the universal cradle ensures unlimited use during your trip. It is almost impossible to conceive of any more comfort or quality with an upgrade to a Bluetooth® hands-free car kit.

CC 9068 App is also available from retailers without application with a 2.8″ display as the CC 9068. An additional charging cradle is not included in the scope of delivery for this product, however. Both the CC 9068 app and the CC 9068 are available from retailers for € 199.

CC 9068 App with iPhone 4S