On our fully automatic SMD line we are able to manufacture devices and components that are smaller and to do so considerably less expensively in comparison with conventional procedures such as through-panel assembly. The circuit board can be fitted on both sides which has a positive influence on the characteristics of the switches and reduces the space required by the components. With this line, large and small series batches can be realised rapidly and efficiently as a conversion can be completed in a short space of time.

Final assembly

The completion/final assembly of the different components for a product is completed on our semi or fully automatic assembly and testing systems. All production steps are monitored visually or using camera systems. Depending on requirements, the assembly is completed in clean rooms or in controlled areas.

Surface treatment

The decoration and refinement of the components and products lends them the required quality and attractiveness. They give the product the required haptics and also contribute to value and retention of value. In this area we are able to use a wide range of different methods and processes: We can apply a decorative textile layer on the plastic elements using flocking. Logos and lettering are applied via tampon printing. Highly decorated surfaces are prepared with laser cutting. This means lettering and graphic designs can be applied with the highest quality and precision.

Plastic injection moulding

With our modern machine park we are able to manufacture complex components with high quality surfaces precisely and efficiently. This manufacturing process is integrated completely in the entire production process and is continuously documented and controlled. This guarantees the functionality of the components and the resulting products and/or devices.