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Milestones in the company's development

Dipl. Ing. Henryk Bury

Current company owner and Managing Director, Henryk Bury, establishes an engineering consultancy for communications technology.
Michail Gorbachev announces the Perestroika plan to delegates at the meeting of the central committee of politburo in the USSR.
Wide-ranging THB hands-free set components

Establishment of a wholesale operation for mobile communications accessories.
Signing of the Maastricht Treaty. The EU is officially established in the November of the following year.
The former company buildings of BURY GmbH in Rzeszów

The first self-developed hands-free car kit: the ET range, establishment of BURY in Rzeszów, Poland.
The German Federal Post (Deutsche Bundespost) is broken up, creating the companies Deutsche Post AG, Deutsche Telekom AG and Postbank AG.

Hands-free car kit with Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
The former British crown dependency of Hong Kong is returned to China.
Poster for the THB Voice Dial from 1998

Voice-controlled hands-free car kits with VoiceDial
Canada, Japan, Russia, the USA and the members of the ESA decide to build the international space station, ISS.
Press advertisement from the year 2000

1.5 million hands-free car kits are sold – market leader in Europe
Belgium and Holland stage the European Football Championships.
Production location in Mielec, Poland

Relocation of the production location to the special enterprise zone, the Euro-Park Mielec.
The free online encyclopedia Wikipedia is established.
World-wide OEM cooperations

Start of close OEM cooperations
The Euro is launched as the new currency in 12 EU member states.
The UNI ChauffeurTalk business solution

Hands-free car kit with navigation system - UNI ChauffeurTalk, the first Navigation system from BURY, introduction of the UNI System 8
Concorde flies from New York to Paris for the last time.
TMC Naviflash navigation system

Establishment of Naviflash, sales company for the navigation systems of the same name, naviflash - the first navigation system with TMC
Expansion of the EU to ten more member states: Estonia, Latvia, Lithaunia, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hungary and Cyprus
Adapter BT for UNI System 8

Adapter BT from the UNI System 8 – the first Bluetooth hands-free car kit, Comfort VISION: Bluetooth hands-free car kit with display
The Kyoto protocol comes into effect
TV function with naviflash 1060

naviflash 1060: navigation system with TV
Germany finishes in third place at the football world cup finals which are held in Germany.

The firm celeberates it's twentieth anniversary with over 7 million hands-free car kits now sold.
With Windows Vista, Microsoft releases the first MS operating system which is not DOS-based
CC 9060 with DialogPlus voice control

CC 9060: the first fully voice controlled Bluetooth hands-free car kit
The Olympic Games are held in Peking.
Over 1,000,000 satisfied customers

1 million UNI CarTalk hands-free car kits now sold
Barack Obama becomes US President
Bluetooth Touch-Adapter for Volkswagen

100,000 Touch-Adapters sold via Volkswagen accessories
The ash cloud precipitated by the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjalljökull puts global flight schedules into chaos.
Bluetooth Touch-Adapter for Volkswagen

The CC 9068 App: The first fixed-installation hands-free car kit to be operated in full via the smartphone display with an App.
Apple is the most valuable company of all time.