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BURY GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of multimedia interface solutions for the automotive sector and among others supplies hands-free sets and telephone cradle systems.

On the basis of its self-developed technologies, the company manufactures and markets innovative products for the growing mobile communications market in the area of retrofitting, as well as customer-specific original equipment solutions. Our cooperations with all of the leading mobiele phone manufacturers and suppliers of digital navigation data ensures the rapid availability of the current products. Along with sales through specialist retailers and car service firms, BURY OEM products are also available through a wide range of accalimed car manufacturers and mobile telephone operators.

Four locations:

Over 800 employees of which over 250 are engineers

120 in Löhne/Westphalia, Germany

620 in Mielec (Poland)

40 in Rzeszow (Poland)

Southampton (England) – Sales Office


The company is based in the town of Löhne, Westphalia, Germany. The head office is home to over 100 employees, who predominantly work in the areas of sales, marketing, electronics development and administration. The production location in the Polish town of Mielec is home to the production and logistics divisions as well as the quality control, prototypes and tools construction departments. It has a total staff of over 800 employees, who work hard to ensure our success.

World wide partnerships

World wide partnerships
Löhne Germany

Löhne Germany

Mielec, Poland

Rzeszow, Polen

Rzeszów, Poland

Huamantla, Mexiko

Huamantla, Mexiko