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We create the future together


Tomorrow today is a past day

We set standards for tomorrow

Growing complexity of vehicle systems, poses various economic and technical challenges for development departments. Particular modules must exist in various types of vehicles and cooperate smoothly with solutions

from other suppliers. Another challenge is posed by very short innovation cycles, same as in IT and telecommunication sectors, accompanied by a rapid increase in the complexity of functions of particular design

elements and subassemblies. This leads to joint work of various supplier sector companies on particular projects. In order to successfully perform all those functions, clearly defined standards and rules are needed.

We set standards

Together with experts from all over the world

From the moment of establishing the company, we have followed at BURY one maxim: we want to actively and successfully shape the future, via innovative and economic solutions offered to the automotive and communication electronics  sectors.

The direction for the development of various technologies of the future and industry standards is defined by customers organized in numerous interest groups and institutions, and around various initiatives. This is the reason why Bury company has been always actively involved in those activities.

Network and memberships

Wireless Power Consortium

The WPC defines the specification of the Qi standard and is still working on their further development.


Charging Interface Initiative ist eine Vereinigung, die das Combined Charging System (CCS) für das schnelle und einfache Laden von Elektroautos fördert und weiterentwickelt.

Air Fuel Alliance

The Air Fuel Alliance is a global nonprofit association of industrial enterprises for the development of new wireless charging standards.

Bluetooth Special Interest Group

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group is a community of interest involved in the development and distribution of Bluetooth technology.


European Association for electrical, electronic and information technologies. An international expert platform for science, standardization and product testing.

Standards Alliance

The Fair Standards Alliance is an organization which associates companies aiming jointly at ensuring that patents, possessed by their owners and essential for the use of technological standards, are licensed on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms (FRAND).


(AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) is a worldwide development partnership of vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and companies from the automotive electronics, semiconductor and software industry.


USB IF is a non-profit organization that aims at promotion and management of universal serial bus (USB).

The SD Association (SDA)

The SD Association (SDA) is a non-profit organization that sets standards for memory cards designed in order to simplify the use of consumer electronics and optimize the customer efficiency in each country.


Eurofins is an independent certification center accredited by international standards and offering a wide range of certification.