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Qualifications in range of development

Development process in BURY brings extraordinary results thanks to close cooperation of particular disciplines and synergy of all areas: hardware, software, mechanics and production are carried out in one place. The most modern technologies, programming

applications and their integration show how high are the demands made by BURY towards development. In BURY the professional process of development is based on the V model princilple.

Sound processing in a vehicle

  • Handsfree systems with echo and background noise suppression
  • High-quality microphones with the directivity characteristic optimized in respect of human speech transmission
  • Speech recognition (verbal orders)
  • Communication inside large-size commercial vehicles (DVE)

In our innovative solutions we use technologies leading in the market, such as e.g. voice control produced by Nuance. During modifications and optimizations of procedures used by us, we cooperate closely with scientific institutes.

USB and hub USB chargers on the smallest surface

  • High-efficiency electronics of charging, and simultaneously of low degree of heat generation
  • Optimised techniques of charging for all telephones available on market
  • Charging of 3A in USB sockets type C

As a member of USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) we suport development and improvement of such interfaces. Our products are manufactured according to OEM standards.

Wireless charging in a vehicle

  • Compatibility with Qi and A4WP standards
  • Optimised charging technique with a variety of inductors and a large scale of charging
  • Co-existance of various wireless techniques in one device (wireless charging and antenna’s coupler)

BURY is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC – standard qi) association and A4WP/PMA Consortium (standard A4WP/PMA) association. We develop our innovative solutions of products in range of wireless charging in accordance with OEM standards, especially related to EMC and the co-existance with radio keys.