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Also in this field we understand how important it is to shape the process according to market requirements. Therefore, in BURY we constantly improve the Surface Mount Technology. Currently we use eight SMT lines for assembling PCBs with components, from the low-cost serial production up to assembling 35.000 elements per hour. Requirements regarding large-format PCBs for OEM branch are also unfailingly met.

Our target is to achieve the highest accuracy along with maintaining the lowest possibile cost of production.

We guarantee the constant level of our products. Inspection tools such as the methods of testing products before and after assembly, as well as X-Ray inspection in the end of the process ensure the high quality of finished PCBs.

Our PCBs are a consequence of optimized and parallel course of work as well as quality inspection carried out carefully: components offered you are always top-class.

In brief:

  • Assembling PCBs with components SMD method
  • Assembling technology KIC On Board
  • Inspection systems SPI
  • Automatic visual inspection
  • ICT Tests
  • Automatic X-Ray inspection
  • Inspection of housings of BGA type
  • Pick&Place
  • Off-Axis technology
  • Reflow soldering