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In an extremely demanding automotive branch, final inspections constitute a vital element of the whole process. Of course we are well-prepared for this as well and we offer you one hundred percent functional control carried out by means of various inspection and measuring methods.

Meeting high requirements of international concern stands in need of first-class and checked results. BURY is able to meet requirements related to demanded standards thanks to efficient interdisciplinary cooperation and documented quality of products.

This also concerns the future. We are constantly working on increasing the quality of our services. In cooperation with external partners all tests we outsource only to the certified research institutes and laboratories (ISO 17025).

In brief:

  • Research on thermal surge
  • Research on environmental resistance
  • Simulations on the resistance to sunlight and UV rays
  • Research on vibrations
  • Durability/ resistance research
  • Colorimetric evaluation
  • Measurements of lightfastness
  • Acoustic measurements
  • Measurements of gloss
  • Measurements of paint layer thickness
  • Climate research
  • Optical AOI inspections
  • End-of-Line tests
  • X-RAY inspections
  • Research on mechanical surge
  • Research on IP class of protection
  • EMC-tests
  • Quantity surveys