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We support creativity

Implementation of technological trends

Innovation is an important element of the strategy of BURY company, incorporated permanently into our philosophy. It is the key to enter the market with high growth potential, showing a fast growth rate which is the technology industry and to the successful operation on it.

30% BURY employees work in research and development. Dynamic exchange focused on the future, flat hierarchy structure and the sum of the various experience and

expertise forms the core of mentality of BURY company  and ensures the implementation process with excellent results and a convincing Time-to-Market.

We initiate and support the creative potential of the company BURY by running workshops, implementing an internal system of rewards and giving space to free search for new ideas.

Innovation means transforming trends and technological requirements into the market product.

We do all this for you efficiently, on our own, economically, fast, reliably and most importantly in a successful way.

1. Generating ideas

2. Preparation of the concept

3. Assessment

4. Development

5. Production / Go Live

Magdalena Broszkiewicz | Software engineer

Rainer Clauß | Teamleader development

Christian Winkler | Software quality assurance

Eckhard Bollmann | Electronics and development manager

Simon Zorawik | Head of Project Management Division

„During internal and external workshops creative and fresh ideas are born and shaped.
At the same time, persons from outside presenting a different point of view offer invaluable help.“

„In the initial stages innovation is usually only a loosely formulated idea which develops and matures as knowledge and information grow, e.g. specific numbers become known, results of tests and analyses are delivered. Therefore, an idea is specific and defined as part of the framework agreement.“

„The key competence is to distinguish good ideas from not the best ones. The potential success of the idea must be verified without unnecessary prejudice. One should consider among others issues of feasibility, innovation, market opportunities, risks and economic success.“

„By building the first prototypes one can quickly convert an idea into a sample having a real shape already at an early stage of development. On this basis, you can quickly identify potential for optimization and applications can be included in the development process and product design“

„Time to market - Success on the market depends not only on a good idea but what is more important on its fast implementation. The aim is to be a "pioneer" on the market.“

From an idea to a product

Turning Ideas into Reality

Innovations require creativity: any breaking from conventional way of might initially be met with incomprehension and refusal.

However, these ideas pave the way and allow to create unique products and solutions.

At Bury company, the first ideas coming to mind are incorporated into a structured innovation process, in order to make them more specific, identify their strengths and turn into economically viable commodity. The idea has to go through many levels of in-house innovation management. It is managed by persons responsible for it who are representatives of various departments.

With systematic evaluation, use case and optimization of ideas, we guarantee our customers a permanent renewal of our innovation skills. 

From "what if..." to reality: We bring ideas to the market.

A study of the concept

Integration of the smartphone in the dashboard

The functionality of the project fascinates especially due to the fact that it has the character of innovation. Our study of the concept of integration of the smartphone in the dashboard is an interesting subject and show a real possibility of its Implementation.

The universal holder fixes the mobile phone at a central position, the centering takes place automatically and adapted to the mobile phone shell. For optimal viewing of the apps, the holder can be rotated by 180 ° degrees. The charging process is inductive, the built-in antenna coupler ensures constant transmission and reception quality.
NFC technology protects against external access - drivers and telephone are safely identified. Bluetooth is used in the audio and data connection from the smartphone to the headunit. If the mobile phone is not inserted, the universal holder is reliably protected against dust and dirt by the flush termination.



Looking ahead into the future with bright ideas

As a company with an innovative character BURY company has been granted many national and international patents and proprietary rights. They protect our ideas and implementations against  imitation. As a leader in new technologies we gain safety among others through the creation of a strategic portfolio of property rights.

Customers of BURY company are a part of this innovative potential. We have enjoyed a position of the global producer and a supplier on the markets which are subject to changes for over 25 years.
As an originator, a solution maker and an adviser we successfully work for success of our customers.

Protecting ideas, securing values – our investment in the future
  • 52 granted and 30 patent applications pending
  • 12 utility models
  • 4 industrial designs
  • 11 internationally registered trademarks