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Functional mounting system

Comfort and functionality

A car is our life space, like our own house or office. We spend in our car a lot of time, while its space is quite limited. Especially in the car then, we would not want to sacrifice either comfort or functionality. However, when we try to define those two concepts or satisfy those two types of needs, it turns out that the customer understanding and opinions on them can diverge.

There are frequently a few drivers using one car, be it in the family or in the company. Each driver however, has got his/her own requirements and needs with regard to

the car itself, as well as its integrated devices. While buying a new car, the driver can individually choose any configuration of accessories, that he/she prefers at the moment of purchase. Those preferences may change however, with time, due to ongoing technological advancement.

Why not develop then a cutting-edge and universal system which will suit different requirements at different times and will grow with them? BURY company specializes in proven and successful integration of CE devices in road vehicles.

Thanks to the mounting system and its functionality, a greater personalization and customization with regard to customer specific requirements and needs is possible, and above all, the integration of communication and comfort solutions.

Thanks to its modular design, by constant development and improvement of solutions for both different products and relevant adaptations, the system can be easily adjusted to changing user requirements, and as a result, it constitutes a scaled and secure investment for the future. Also, following the change of car, the system can be transferred easily.

Design and function

At the forefront of change

The differences between particular cars and car makes are visible nowadays more and more clearly on the plane of car interior and car accessories’ options. In the past, differentiating features and decisive criteria for buying a car were its horse power, performance, fuel consumption and being environmentally friendly. Today, a much more significant role is played by car’s interior design and functionality, both of which characterize the most attractive car makes.

Modular system developed by BURY wins recognition primarily for high quality of used materials and components, as well as fine integration with innovative car cockpits of numerous car manufacturers.



Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements – our solutions

Receptacle slot for mounting
  • Various options of placement - e.g. on the dashboard or at center console
  • Individual mounting methods – with a removable adhesive tape or via swivel joint
  • Protective flap – protects plugging-in hole against dust and foreign bodies
  • Secure support – for all POWERMOUNT extensions