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Wireless Charging

Universal and convenient charging option

The inductive charging of smartphones (Wireless Charging) has long since established itself as a real alternative to wired charging. Already 40% of the population use wireless charging regularly, according to a survey by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). The advantages are obvious: there is no wear on the interfaces and the charging process is easy and comfortable initiate – the smartphone just has to be placed onto the charger.

This intuitive handling is particularly convincing in the automobile. This intuitive handling is particularly convincing in the automobile. There is no need to purchase or carry additional charging cables or adapters.

Also the manual connecting of the smartphone to annoying cables before each journey is omitted.

Integrated antenna coupler

In addition, BURY combines wireless charging technology with integrated an antenna coupler which connects to the external antenna to counter shielding via car body and metallized car windows. The solution helps enhance transmitting and emitting power of the smartphone which is being charged. Phone calls no longer stop and mobile applications run smoother.

Qi Standard

The Qi charging standard has established itself in the market in recent years and is supported by all well-known manufacturers. The standard is monitored and supported by the Wireless Power Consortium, in which BURY is a full member. Via certification of wireless charging adapter for Qi standard, BURY achieves a very high degree of compatibility.

Fact Sheet

Fast Wireless Charging 15W

Due to numerous advantages, the popularity of inductive charging is not surprising, but wireless charging has so far had enormous potential for improvement over wired charging - in terms of charging power. This is where the next evolution in wireless charging comes in ...


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Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements – our solutions

Fast Wireless Charging 15W
  • 15W Charging function (Qi)
  • Active cooling system
  • GSM, UMTS, LTE antenna coupler frequency bands: 700-900MHz, 1700-2200MHz, LTE: 1700-2500MHz
  • Frequency bands Induction charging:105-115kHz and 127-130kHz
  • Diagnostic ability
  • CAN connection
  • NFC
  • Bluetooth