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Wireless charging

Universal and easy charging

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives and using them became –obviousness. New enhanced features and applications, however, require new solutions for connecting peripheral devices in particular with regard to their use in the car.

Such connections replace or extend existing functions, e.g. a navigation function or functions of phonotechnical electronics. For example, large touch screens allow the driver good readability and easy

operation while driving. Energy hunger of such devices equipped with powerful processors and installed on their web applications requires providing the possibility of continuous battery charging.

Charging of final mobile devices in the car should be done in a way convenient for the user. Without any unnecessary cables or special adapters that a driver would have to connect every time. Although the law requires standardization of charging connectors, it still isn’t something considered to be usual.

Standards on the market

BURY company is a member of Wireless Charging Consortium in Qi standard

Thanks to wireless charging technology mobile devices can be charged quickly and without unnecessary cables. More and more manufacturers of portable end-devices use this technology, so that it becomes common on the market. Solutions in retrofitting  sector e.g. housings for charging batteries for wireless and smart phones with wireless charging function allow its use also in the case of older devices and those which haven’t been supported. Qi charging standard has gained a foothold the market and is used by virtually all manufacturers.

Induktive Ladung Detailansicht Ablageschale


Perfect combination of different wireless technologies

Currently, customers can make use of inductive charging in almost all classes of vehicles. A phone can be conveniently powered while being placed in the wireless charging adapter or in the cradle. The transmitting and receiving power are important especially during a phone conversation and while using the Internet . Due to the fact that the car acts as a Faraday cage, this power is limited in its interior.

In order to solve this problem we connected wireless charging technology with  inductive coupling antenna connected to the outside of the vehicle's antenna. Simultaneous use of both technologies provides the user with full power and the best quality of transmission and reception in the car.



Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements – our solutions

Wireless-Charging-Station Universal
  • Universal smartphone holder
  • Wireless charging function (QI standard) with FOD
  • Stable hold in the cup holder
  • Easy use of the station (PnP)
  • Mobile Powerbank for use inside and outside the vehicle
  • Indication of the Powerbank charging and discharging status
  • Ziggi adapter with USB port type C included in delivery (purchased element)