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Air freshener

Aroma which evokes positive emotions

A connection between aroma and a mood is unquestionable. Over 250 receptors ensure that aromas is directly passed on to a brain direct through an olfactory apparatus.

Positive associations, special feelings and well-being are associated with the pleasant aroma . Because the stimulation is often done unconsciously and has such a large impact on many of our behaviours, the impact of odors is an interesting issue also in the automotive industry. A small, enclosed cabin space of the car is the perfect space for spreading interesting aroma.

The aroma of a new car simulating the smell of new leather and plastic components in a special way evokes positive

feelings during the purchase and increases product evaluation. Spraying perfume in your car, you can reach the individual and unique character. Clothes gradually absorb the smell and it becomes an element of personal expression.
Flavours can be distributed directly through the ventilation system of the car or indirectly through the evaporator placed in the interior. Fragrance platelets are evaporated by the heating coil and you have different aromatic materials to choose from.

The system can be placed in different places-one condition is an access to power supply.

Connection is performed via USB, optionally via connection to the universal interface, which allows you to connect additional devices, such as mobile phone cradle.

Torque and frequency of odour release can be controlled automatically, for example before starting a travel or regularly during the trip by a respective set the timer. Manual activation is possible as well.

Lufterfrischer / Aromasystem Detailaufnahme mit gelber LED

Design and functioning

As inseparable elements

If the air freshener is to be a decorative element, there is a variety of different surfaces and surface finishes. The customer can always count on professional advice of BURY company.



Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements-our solutions

Automatic aroma system
Customer: Opel
  • Fragrance dispenser for universal adapter
  • Placement in the central console
  • Elegant design and use of the highest quality materials/surfaces
  • Thermal vaporiser dedicated to different fragrance platelets
  • LED diodes signalling the status
  • Easy assembly