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Antenna amplifiers

With patent-protected adaptive control by BURY company

A known problem: mobile phone network reception inside the car is often connected with interference. To avoid this, manufacturers and suppliers offer antenna coupling which is connected to the roof antenna by means of the cable.

To prevent losses due to coupling attenuation and the cable attenuation the compensator is used with high amplification. It raises the power of transmitting and receiving of the mobile phone until it reaches the primary power.

Phone with the best coupling value is usually selected as approximate value because there is the smallest attenuation there. Therefore, this solution is not optimal for all mobile phone calls.

Introducing adaptive control BURY company brings a new direction in the development of antenna amplifiers. Compensator recognizes what kind of attenuation is to be compensated and individually adjusts the necessary amplification to the given type of phone.

Thanks to the integrated module we can offer our customers production at a favourable price.

Algorithm developed by BURY company allows up to 100% compensation in 2G, 3G and 4G or LTE standard.

This solution is unique and is currently offered only by BURY company. Possession of patents confirm our position as the leader in high-frequency technology.

Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements – our solutions

Antenna amplifier
  • TDMA: GSM900,  GSM1800                    
  • WCDMA/LTE:  UMTS band I, LTE FDD band 3, LTE FDD band  and 7, LTE FDD band 20
  • Adaptive amplification control aimed at full compensation of coupling losses  (GSM and WCDMA)

Description 4G-Compensator EU variant:

  • Compensation of transmission losses using signal amplification of up to 25 dB (in-band ripple of approx. +/-2 dB)
  • Operation for Europe (WCDMA bands only FDD) with GSM900, GSM1800, UMTS900, UMT2100, LTE800, LTE1800 and LTE2600
  • Patented solution for an algorithm for power determination and control of bidirectional signal amplification for GSM and WCDMA bands
  • Method for limiting overload in transmission mode
  • Implemented Antenna Diagnostics and Self Diagnostics (via the RF connectors)