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Radio remote controls

Comfort with one button press

Radio remote controls enable easy control of activities of everyday life. Nowadays, customer more and more often search for ONE-Touch solutions to operate the gates, doors and parking heating allowing both convenient and quick use and security and control as well. The authorization function ensures protection against unauthorized use. Individual functions can also be activated by a programmable time switch.

Thanks to the display indicating the status one can verify all the current functions and processes at all times. Another security issue is two-way data transmission.

We know from our experience what the customer cares the most about: apart from functionality, easy use is important as well.

As a portable, hand-held control device it must be solid, attractive in terms of haptics and surface and it should work without interruptions. Therefore, it should possess the range and permanent energy source suitable for the product. We have also found a solution for this. We are able to extend battery life thanks to software and hardware design which are optimised as far as current consumption is concerned.

Funkfernbedienung, ONE-Touch-Solution, langlebige Energieversorgung

Design and functioning

Compact and efficient

Our solutions dedicated to customers assume the integration of the latest technology in the smallest possible space. One example, among others, is the design of radio remote control  equipped with an intuitive HMI. Solutions involving the radio range above 3000 m are as realistic as possible for the development department of BURY company.
The scopes of application apply to protection level of IP65 in the product concept.
An attractive, high-quality design with a robust, abrasion-resistant surfaces is highly desired.  Therefore, only materials with high degree of hardness are used in the production of all the elements.

Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements - our solutions

Radio remote control
  • Switching on/off and status feedback
  • Range up to 1000 m
  • Compact dimensions
  • Easy use by means of two buttons
  • Feedback / LED display
  • Frequency: 433 MHz