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Control elements in a comfort version

Luxury for a passenger

Requirements which producers and suppliers in the premium and higher classes of cars have to face are extremely high. Innovations are created and realized in this sector many years before their introduction into series production by other producers.

BURY company is eagerly selected partner in all innovative development areas. Especially design and haptic properties of the product must meet very high criteria, thus ensuring the aesthetic appearance of the interior of the car and create control elements that are pleasant to the touch and comfortable to use.

We offer our clients a lot of flexibility during implementation of the product thanks to which small scale production is implemented with the same high quality as series produced parts. The requirements and expectations of our customers are met by attaching the highest importance to technological excellence and quality of visual and haptic quality.

Fact Sheet

Quality and control at your fingertips

For manufactures of premium cars, rear-seat passengers are of particular importance. To ensure that back-seat passengers enjoy exactly the same on-board experience as those in the front, cockpit controls may be extended to the rear. In order to preserve the interior from a multitude of switches, a central control element is required that integrates many of the car features and can be operated intuitively at the same time.

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Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements – our solutions

Comfort remote control
  • Remote control for rear passengers with 5,0″ capacitive high-resolution display
  • Touch screen with haptic feedback
  • Control and access to numerous functions and live vehicle information (ambient lighting, air conditioning, seat heating, navigation, infotainment ...)
  • Silent retraction and extension of the control unit from the holder
  • Connection via WiFi and Bluetooth