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Positioning and navigation

Three areas of BURY company competence in one product

We have extensive experience in the development of navigation systems and telematics. In 2004, we launched a brand Naviflash as the first navigation device with TCM, and in 2006 - the first TV (DVB-T).
The success of BURY products in this sector consists in combining different disciplines into one coherent whole - the finished product. All elements of our solutions are perfectly matched: design and intelligence of equipment, user-friendly software and communications implemented by all networks and protocols.

Order logistics with live management, vehicle diagnostics

and information evaluation, theft detection and insurance telematics: Our telematics solutions are modularly developed, manufactured and configured according to customer requirements.
GPS location and transmission of data to and from your web server takes place via the GSM network. With online access you can check the battery status, location, or planned route for each car at any time through the web portal.

If necessary, instructions can be dynamically changed by direct contact with the driver and the car.

Orders sent to the receiving device and indicators can be integrated in the plan. Besides, messages about traffic jams and the related delivery delays can be coordinated according to the needs of the service and the client. The system allows you to read and evaluate the current data and vehicle information, for example in the context of energy efficiency (Green Driving), or to oversee the technical status, e.g. cooling status or alarm messages. The data obtained can also be used as evidence for the use of the car or to negotiate individual insurance tariff.

Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements – our solutions

Positioning system with electronic driver’s logbook
  • Vehicle positioning with integrated GPS electronic driver’s logbook
  • Illuminated remote control with 3 buttons
  • Switching between private, business and commuting mode
  • Displaying GPS range status and operating mode
  • Operation and management through the web portal
  • Presentation of route travelled on the map (OpenStreetMap)
  • Displaying information about the status from the car-thanks to additional switch inputs