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SmartHome – intelligent home and building control

Until recently, the implementation of solutions SmartHome in private households has only been possible for new buildings. Retrofitting was very labour-intensive and therefore uneconomical. With the increasing availability of broadband networks an offer a new, easy-to-use and affordable products for individual customers has greatly improved. The market is looking up and even cautious forecasts predict a marked increase in the number of households controlled by means of SmartHome technology in the years to come.
The central control unit of each SmartHome system is a gateway that integrates all the components together, allows access to the system from the outside and influences the degree of its intelligence. Today, many manufacturers offer a standard components equipped with

features such as heating control, security monitoring or closing the windows before the onset of rain. However, The Internet of Things (IoT) includes more and more devices, including those quite simple, which can communicate with one another and complement one another.
You can find lots of different standards on the market. As it often happens with the standards they may differ among themselves, i.e. the communication is based on different protocols and various functions are supported. Universal SmartHome Gateway is a platform and an interface, through which devices are compatible with one another. Gateway is also a frontend for the user, so that it can perform intelligent integration of multiple devices in one network.

Safe and versatile
SmartHome Gateway by BURY company connects all components wirelessly by means of PnP. It constitutes the heart of networked home and it can be easily and intuitively handled by an application both at home and outside it. The most modern coding and optional connection through GSM/UMTS with a SIM card protect the system against access of unauthorised  persons. Z-Wave and Q-Wave standards which are supported as well as an integrated WLAN module guarantee compatibility with almost all known components of SmartHome and provide functionality of the system in the future.

SmartHome Gateway Detailansicht Oberfläche

Design und Funktion

Elegant look

The dynamic shape, glossy - black or white - surfaces and discreetly integrated functional lighting emphasize the quality of the system. Placed on a table or on the wall, Gateway will be the pride of every room.



Successfully implemented projects

To meet requirements-our solutions

  • Voltage/power supply adapter 12V DC
  • Maximum current consumption 850 mA
  • Optionally: Integrated GSM/UMTS module with SIM card
  • Radio protocols: ZigBee, Z-Wave, Q-Wave, EnOcean, BT LowEnergy
  • 100 Mb Lan Network
  • WLAN 802.11b/g/n
  • USB 2.0
  • Certified according to VDE, CE, Z-Wave and Q-Wave