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BURY obtains GOST certificate

BURY company receives GOST certificate as the first European producer on the Russian market

Bury company won GOST certificate for automatic emergency call system eCall, which  will become a compulsory part of the equipment of all new cars in the European Union since 2017. Its Russian counterpart ERA-GLONASS was already implemented in 2015. Bury company was the first European manufacturer which developed an efficient emergency call system based on standard ERA-GLONASS, which possesses the necessary GOST and meets strict Russian requirements. Thus, Bury company is the only producer outside Russia which has the right to provide the automotive industry with an approved emergency call systems for the Russian market.

In the future, cars will be factory-equipped with emergency call systems. In the event of an accident, they will ensure faster location of passengers and provide them with the necessary medical assistance. At present, with regard to these systems, there are various solutions in the world. Russia decided to allow only devices based on ERA-GLONASS standard . At the request of the German automobile manufacturer, BURY company as the first supplier outside Russia has developed a system called ERA-GLONASS, which received a type approval for the Russian market. ERA-GLONASS has already been installed in many car models from January 2016. Assembly will be provided for in all new cars since January 2017.

Life-saving system

In the event of an accident the device automatically makes an emergency call and sends relevant data about the car and its position to a central server PSAP . Then the connection between the car which had an accident and the server is made. If the system cannot establish it this way, data is sent in the form of SMS. Reliable backup source of electricity ensures that the conversation can be received and the duration of the audio connection could be at least 20 minutes.

Revolutionary features of the product

With universal application and being available in many colours, the system can be mounted on the windshield without attracting anyone’s attention. It is connected directly to the CAN bus of the car and meets all the requirements currently set in the automotive sector. GSM and GPS antenna, microphone are implemented into the device and user interface which enables intuitive control. In addition, a newly developed emergency call system - which is typical of BURY - was packed with technical innovations. Among other things, Full HD camera, WLAN module and SIM-Chip are built into it. Integrated camera DashCam records events on the road and offers a much better quality than the market-leading cameras.
Demanding GOST certificate

In order to obtain type-approval for the Russian market the device had to meet a wide range of different requirements. As an example it is worth pointing out high audio quality requirements which were set. These requirements significantly exceeded European standards. GOST certificate confirms meeting these conditions. It conforms to DIN or ISO certificates in Europe. Apart from providing impeccable quality of the devices it is necessary to dedicate a lot of time and money in order to meet GOST requirements. It has connection with the fact that certification can only be carried out by the laboratory which is accredited and located in Russia , where there are only 3 of them - one of them is in the Crimea. Moreover, the company must meet the requirements imposed by the ISO 9001: 2011. BURY company perfectly passed all tests - and thereby, as the first manufacturer outside Russia, received the coveted GOST certificate for its own ERA-GLONASS system.

Time pressure as a particular challenge

Starting work on the project in 2012 the client presented strict guidelines: the development and certification system to be completed by the end of 2015 to start production on time. It put engineers at BURY company under enormous pressure - especially that it was a completely new product in which neither development department at BURY nor the customer had the experience and where they had to work according to unclear guidelines: "While starting the development there were no binding GOST standards.  We had to adapt the system to the new requirements three times until June 2015 as in the meantime GOST standards changed "- Hische Alexander, a project manager at BURY, tells about the difficulties. The work was also hindered by the infrastructure of the server which was being built at that time and network operators in Russia and complex cooperation with the Russian authorities. "During product development we rarely encounter so many difficulties, however, our efforts paid off," Henryk Bury adds with pleasure, proud of the pioneering project of his company.