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BURY honors long-term employees

3 employees honored for 20 years of work for BURY

BURY, the company which supplies to the automotive industry, has honored three employees for their long-term work in the company. Małgorzata Sobilo-Schnelle, Domenico Gallo and Thomas Flörke, who work in the head-seat in Löhne, were honored. All three have been with BURY for 20 years.

Domenico Gallo even completed his apprenticeship as a communications electronics engineer at BURY. For a long period of time, the three persons celebrating the anniversary have accompanied and shaped the company existing since 1987. This was emphasized by Mr. Henryk Bury and his wife Mrs. Renata Mansfeld-Bury who also expressed thanks on behalf of the Management. The CEO of the company, Mr. Markus Bochynek, congratulated and thanked all three. Afterwards, the certificates and small gifts were handed over to them. The BURY company employs over 2,200 people at 4 different locations worldwide, 135 of them work in Löhne.

Caption: (from left to right: Markus Bochynek, Henryk Bury, Małgorzata Sobilo-Schnelle, Domenico Gallo, Renata Mansfeld-Bury, Thomas Flörke)