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BURY MX inauguration

Mariano González Zurur (Governor of Tlaxcala State) visiting BURY Mexico

This Thursday, the Governor of a State, Mr. Mariano González Zarur, inaugurated the opening of the Mexican site of BURY, which is a leader in the production of interfaces and multimedia systems for automotive. Thanks to the company opening the new workplaces will be created, the industrial production will increase in Huamantla and in the whole region.

During the inauguration of the company which is located in the industrial city Xicohténcatl II, Mr Roman Baran, director of the Mexican site expressed his appreciation for the work done by the Governor of a state, Mr Marian González Zarur, who consistently carried out the adopted strategy of supporting the region. He also stated that, thanks to the support and assistance given by Mr Governor, the investment made by the BURY Technologies Group was possible in the Tlaxcala State and, what follows, 62 workplaces were created. "Thanks to the support and commitment of the Governor Mr. Mariano González Zarur, it was possible to establish the BURY Technologies company in Tlaxcala, and this enabled, creating new workplaces and a skilled team of employees", Mr. Baran emphasised.

The Governor accompanied by Ms Kathy Torres Vázquez, the Secretary of Tourism and Economic Development (Setyde) emphasised once again that the industrial policy launched by his government supports competitiveness, promotes investments and supports creating new workplaces.
González Zarur also reminded that last year Tlaxcala was a state which recorded the highest 12% level of industry development and this year  the state is on the second position in the production sector having a 6.8% increase.
Next, he indicated that, on the basis of the data given this week by the National Social Security Institute, the enterprise contributed to the increase in creating new workplaces, which was not an easy job to do. "For the companies similar to  BURY Technologies the future may be only positive.” What is more, Mr González Zarur told the representatives of BURY that his government will continue to support these actions and the enterprise itself. Thanks to the strategic program of industrial sector development, only during the last 6 years 24 projects were carried out and they were related to specific trainings, consulting, certification, transfer of technology, equipment and facility. Mr. González Zarur also added that 16% of enterprises operating in this industrial area represents the automotive sector with the overall investment amount at the level of 85 million Peso.

BURY is a global supplier of standard equipment as well as original accessories to automotive. The spectrum of services provided includes the production of standard components as well as the development of individual systems. The main customers of the company are among others Audi and Volkswagen Mexico. The investment amount for the site in Huamantla equalled 5 million dollar so far.

Other participants of inauguration: Alejandro Aguilar López, Huamantla commune mayor and Jerzy Stanisław Makarski, who is the director of  the BURY-Tlaxcala S.r.l. Group the same as Roman Baran mentioned before.

Film: https://youtu.be/Dgnt4RmJrhw
Source: http://elcuartodeguerra.com/index.php/actualidad1-2/41135-2016-11-17-23-22-31.html