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Positive development

Expansion of the site in Mexico - Huamantla (federal state Tlaxcala)

Almost four years ago the BURY site was founded in Huamantla, in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala.  This laid the foundation for BURY's business operation in North America.  From this location, products dedicated for international car manufacturers operating in the NAFTA area (North American Free Trade Agreement) are manufactured and delivered.

Due to the positive economic development of the entire BURY Group in recent years (including the site in Mexico) this production site is now to be further expanded.  The aim is to significantly increase the production capacity of BURY in Mexico.   The expansion of the production area is also necessary to cover the increased space requirements for investments in new machinery and personnel.  The justification for taking these measures is also a profit generated by new long-term projects implemented in this site.

As a result of expansion, the currently available production area will,  so that the next lines will be able to join the existing SMD line.  Setting up a line for cable production and the assembly of various electronic sub-assemblies. Currently, 140 people work at the Huamantla site. This number of employees is to be increased in 2018 to approximately 200 employees. Thus, an extension of the social and administrative spaces is necessary. The entire process should be completed by October 2018.

These investments reflect the commitment to the BURY site in Mexico and confirm the international involvement and further economic development of the entire enterprise.