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Innovation: POWERMOUNT system

New modular solution sets new standards in Automotive accessories.

As a leading specialist in the integration of electronic devices in vehicles, BURY counts on innovative solutions which join the highest functionalities. Mounting and loading systems such as the System 8 or System 9 are known and valued by customers all over the world. BURY has just set a new trend in the world of automotive accessories thanks to developing a modular concept of mounting system and functionality.

Today, comfortable car equipment is one of the most important feel-good factors in the car. This makes it even more important to adapt the integrated devices and systems to the individual needs of a particular user. Each user has his/her own expectations and needs related to the functionality and integrated devices in a vehicle. A system must therefore meet a variety of requirements.

POWERMOUNT SYSTEM: Elegant design meets a wide range of functions
This challenge can be met only thanks to a modern and universal product - BURY proves it with the new POWERMOUNT system. A modular system design, which can be constantly adapted to the changing requirements of the user as well as to the technological progress, is a new and unique product concept in the market. This variability and compatibility of POWERMOUNT products gives the customer a wide range of benefits and functions. Thanks to the sophisticated design and the use of high-quality materials, the system fits seamlessly into every modern car cockpit. In the case of changing a vehicle, the system can be removed from it simply and without leaving residues, and used in another vehicle.

POWERBASE: Security is fundamental
The basis for the POWERMOUNT system is POWERBASE. It can be installed in a vehicle both for portable and fixed use. It serves as a safe mounting slot for power supply of all additional POWERMOUNT sets. Depending on the customer's requirements, type of vehicle or intended use, it can be placed anywhere in the vehicle: on the dashboard, on the center console, and for the passengers - in the rear area. The assembly is fixed by screwing or, temporarily, using the supplied double-sided adhesive tape pads. Thanks to these pads, a quick and residue-free base detachment is possible at any time. If no additional set is connected to the POWERBASE, a protection flap prevents the penetration of dust or other foreign bodies.

POWERFLEX with POWERCRADLE PASSIVE/POWERCHARGE: Unbeatable duet for the  Smartphone
The POWERFLEX cradle has been designed for connecting the POWERBASE to a smartphone. This module is snapped in the base by means of special catches. The flexible, 3D adjustable arm allows the user to adjust a preferable position, thus ensuring optimal quality of viewing and handling the smartphone securely inserted in. Depending on the customer's requirements, three different cradle systems with different functions are available. The cradle can be simply and securely attached to the POWERFLEX arm using a magnetic bayonet catch.

The system is suitable for  60 - 90 mm wide smartphones. The basic model, the universal POWERCRADLE PASSIVE provides firm and secure holding for almost all popular smartphones - even with a protective etui. The inner holding surfaces and the storage places are covered with soft coating that efficiently prevents the smartphone from scratching while inserting in and removing from the cradle.

The POWERCHARGE USB cradle supplements the features described above with an additionally integrated USB Type C port. This allows charging the smartphone or the direct power supply of another device, and thus, provides an unlimited use opportunity while driving. This is an apparent advantage particularly when using current-intensive applications, e.g. online navigation. On the other hand, the POWERCHARGE QI cradle is the most comfortable and best-quality solution. All functions and advantages of the other ones are in this case supplemented by the cable charge. If the phone is inserted into the cradle, the smartphone is automatically and inductively charged with 5W-power supply and according to the generally accepted Qi standard.

POWERHUB: USB splitter
A large number of electronic devices are used, in particular, in the vehicle. The POWERHUB device ensures that all devices can be supplied with power in parallel. It is inserted directly into the POWERBASE and has three USB ports (2 x Type A 2.1 A and 1 x Type C 3A). Thus, the driver and passengers can use and charge multiple devices, e.g. Smartphones and tablets, without limitation.

POWERFRESH: Automatic air-freshener
Once plugged into the POWERBASE, the POWERFRESH air-freshener provides an individual feel-good atmosphere. In a fixed time interval or by manual activation, a pleasant, subtle scent note is emitted in the vehicle interior. The user can select individually from three different fragrances, which are available as exchangeable fragrance pads at the distributor’s of accessory.

POWERBANK: On the safe side  
The POWERBANK is also an ideal companion outside the vehicle. With a capacity of 13,400 mAh, it can, for example, fully charge an iPhone battery approximately six times after full discharge. Thanks to the quick-charge function, the high-power consumption devices are also charged in the shortest possible time. The two built-in USB Type C jacks allow both external devices and the POWERBANK itself to be charged. The POWERBANK has an integrated flashlight with flashing function and intelligent brightness adjustment in case of an emergency or a vehicle in the dark.

POWERKITS: Entry into a word of new products
Thanks to POWERKITs the Customers can simply enter the world of the POWERMOUNT system. Three different Starter sets with a useful range of functions are available for this purpose. Basic component is always the POWERBASE as a mounting slot and the POWERFLEX system as a flexibly adjustable arm.
According to personal Customer requirements, one of the three POWERMOUNT holder systems is supplied with the respective set. The universal POWERCRADLE PASSIVE is a part of the POWERKIT PASSIVE. The POWERCRADLE USB is included in the POWERKIT USB and the POWERCRADLE QI's convenient system of cradles with an inductive charging can be found in the POWERKIT QI.

Today, we have already thought about tomorrow
All POWERMOUNT products can be combined and varied. The advantage: Many wishes and requirements are fulfilled with only one system. Additional modules are currently in the planning and implementation phase, so that all customers can look forward to other interesting applications and functions for their vehicle. Thus, the POWERMOUNT system is also a future-proof investment.