Extension at Mielec is moving ahead

Extension at Mielec is moving ahead

Data: 16 May 2019

New technology increases the scope of production

BURY is extending its development and production base in Mielec, Poland. The plant extension is part of a structured development plan of all four company locations worldwide. In Mielec, a brand new SMD production line was opened last year. In addition, existing SMD machines underwent technological development. In order to meet an increasing number of orders, existing warehousing area was increased to a total of 1800m². This does not include a new warehouse on the west side of the main building; on the area totaling 3800m², a new building with the height of 18,5m, to allow for the most effective use of available space, is being erected. A new warehouse building will enable a warehousing system on 9 different levels.

Opposite to the warehouse, an extension of another building with the target area of 680m² is under way. In the future the building will house a new production technology, aluminum pressure casting, plant. Aluminum has become an important material in the automotive industry, since it is characterized by high thermal conductivity and electric conductance, as well as elastic forming properties. With the use of two new pressure casting machines, it will be possible to manufacture in the future, directly on site, aluminum components, such as for example cooling systems. In this way BURY is broadening its existing scope of services.

In total, the company extension encompasses 11 different building projects, out of which majority have been already completed. Those investment projects form a basis for the future economic success of the Mielec location, as well as of the entire BURY Group.