Storage shelf with base


We combine functionality with immaculate appearance

A car is no longer only a vehicle – it has become an inseparable part of our lives, responding to the various needs of the user while expressing his personality, taste and style.

In addition to the functionality, a design and haptic properties of plastic parts are of the utmost importance for the owner of the vehicle.

Due to the fact that the car equipment has a huge impact on the visual impression and the final decision of the buyer, BURY company attaches great importance to this issue. We develop and manufacture equipment and all the components with great attention to every detail, e.g. housing, switches, decorative strips, control elements

covers and frames that meet the highest optical and functional requirements.

Technological knowledge of BURY company is based on years of experience and professional eye in terms of joining materials, surface texture and emphasizing crucial parts.


Design and functioning

As inseparable elements

Perfect surfaces complement plastic elements which are produced with highest quality.

There are many possibilities. Use of Soft Touch varnish surfaces resistant to scratches and UV light, chrome applications, the technique of hot stamping and various decorative elements – these are just some examples of shaping and surface finish.




Other products

USB charging
As a partner of companies in the automotive industry, it has implemented many effective projects in the area of USB modules in different markets all over the world.
S8/S9 Complementary Devices
S8/S9 PowerMount Adapter enables the connection of universal POWERMOUNT mounts to a S8/S9 Base.
Control elements in a comfort version
Innovations are created and realized in this sector many years before their introduction into series production by other producers.