The company was founded in 1987 by the current owner and the President of the Board, Mr Henryk Bury. BURY is a 100% family-owned company led by company board members Henry Bury and his wife Renata Mansfeld-Bury. Currently, BURY branches are located in Mielec and Rzeszow in Poland, Löhne in Germany and Huamantla, in Mexico.

Bernadetta Dzik
President of the board (CEO) BURY Sp. z o.o.
President of the board (CEO) R&D Center BURY Sp. z o.o.
Gabriel Buchała
Vice President of the board R&D Center BURY Sp. z o.o.
Vice President of the board BURY Sp. z o.o.
Henryk Bury
President of the board (CEO) BURY GmbH & Co. KG
Maciej Pazdro-Wąsowicz
President of the board (CEO) BURY GmbH & Co. KG
Renata Mansfeld-Bury
Chief Executive of BURY-Tlaxcala S.r.J
Roman Baran
Chief Executive of BURY-Tlaxcala S.r.J

Company development gains momentum

Our employees, our projects

One record was met after the next over past few years. Company turnover grew considerably, which was reflected in the growing number of employees.

The symbolic number of 1.000 employees was reached in 2015. Currently more than 2,200 employees, including more than 500 engineers, are working on the company’s success.

The BURY brand has developed its unique tone and style through over 30 years of dynamic development. The extraordinary features of our products are recognized and valued by customers and partners around the world. All of this makes the BURY brand an object sought after and placed extremely high in the category of preference and choice by our contractors, while at the same time inspiring the due respect as well as amazement from the competition.

From the idea to reality

This is our maxim

The idea behind this is to accompany the customer throughout the entire process of product creation – from the idea behind its creation to a functional and high-quality final product. We hold the aspiration to constantly multiply the success of our company and we also devote ourselves to achieve this with full passion and commitment.
Innovation, understood as the ability to create and implement pioneering solutions expected by our partners at the highest level of reliability is becoming a motto, a challenge and a genuine activity for us.

Cooperation with us

is much more than just meeting expectations

Based on the latest technologies and innovative solutions, broad competence and full integration of our activities in all disciplines in one location – we are building the BURY brand image. Our goal is quality, regardless of whether the product represents the low-cost or the premium category.

Good products enter the market,

the better ones reign supreme

We are fully aware that transforming an idea into a technically feasible and profitable product requires our utmost efforts and competence. Innovation and well-organized production have been unified in our company, making us a leader in the industry and placing us at the forefront of the competition in acquiring global markets. Thus, this has opened up a wide range of possibilities for achieving planned success.


Our goals are focused on:

  • meeting the requirements of the IATF 16949:2016 standard and Customer Specific Requirements,
  • recognizing and addressing the stakeholders’ expectations within the context of the organization,
  • fully identifying and meeting today’s and tomorrow’s customer requirements,
  • time-to-market minimization, acquisition of new customer segments (OEM),
  • transferring the formation of customer confidence to the Organization’s quality and delivery capabilities,
  • meeting all the quality and delivery requirements agreed upon in the accepted order quality and delivery requirements,
  • high flexibility, reliability and solid growth, high-cost consciousness,
  • selecting technically and quality competent suppliers,
  • achieving a visible technological leadership on the market, focusing on a representative production segment and customers,
  • customer service

Top management is committed to continuously improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and meeting ever-increasing requirements.