Construction of tools and injection molds
Plastic injection molding
Surface painting
Surface refinement
Aluminum die casting
Surface Mounting (SMT)
EoL test and final assembly
What sets us apart is our in-depth approach to working on a product, based not only on our broad competencies but also on their  accurate combination. By gathering together a multitude of specialists, we have brought forth to life numerous disciplines offering a wide range of services to our customers.  We manufacture most of the semi-finished products ourselves, and the horizontal integration of the extensive competencies ensures that the production process of your product is characterized by excellent quality,  originating from a single source characterized by reliability, consolidated management and reduced fixed costs in a networked smart factory


We encourage you to learn more about our wide range of competencies, from the tool shop, paint shop, injection molding shop, aluminum production department, and testing department to all of the production lines, which we customize according to our customer's needs. It is also interesting to follow the production process of the product from semi-finished to the ready-made product.


We look forward to working with you.