Car roof modules


Intuitive operation on the ceiling lining

When driving, the driver’s eyes are focused on the road traffic. Indicators of the dashboard fall within the driver’s field of vision, however it is not possible to install there all necessary operation elements and displays. It is exactly there, outside the driver’s field of vision, where clear communication and intuitive operation is required, since the driver cannot risk moving the eyes away from the road traffic. With regard to car roof modules, this requirement is paramount for BURY.

Intuitive operation elements prevent the driver’s attention from being distracted and at the same time, result in higher comfort. Displays equipped with accommodating functional backlighting systems, adapt automatically to current lighting conditions. Thanks to this, fast and clear communication with passengers is ensured. Flexible design and high quality surfaces are in keeping with brand philosophy of automotive manufacturers.

BURY car roof modules combine various functions in one component. This is where backlighting systems, displays and operation elements are integrated. This process involves the employment of diverse competencies in the following fields: mechanics, electronics, lighting technology and surface treatment. The integration of those competencies in one company, supported by long-term experience, makes BURY a strong business partner.


Other products

A high-quality microphone stands out with distortion-free, undisturbed voice transmission.
Gateways enable communication between different data buses such as e.g. CAN or MOST. Features such as an external access to the data of the car, for example, in order to check maintenance intervals must operate flawlessly.
Assembly aids
No matter where you mount BURY device components in your car, the company offers mounting aids, consoles, antennas, adapters and mounting extensions.