Plastic injection molding

Reliability of the process

We specialize in processing plastics such as ABS, ABS/PC, PC, PBT, TC, TPU, PP, POM and many others.

Our fully automated machinery includes 2K two-component injection molding machines with short-circuiting forces from 40 to 550 tons. The delivery of material to the injection molding machines is carried out very efficiently through an automated central plastic feeder.

In addition to a well-equipped machinery park, we also retain a highly qualified staff of specialists, thanks to which our products are distinguished by their exceptional quality.

All production processes are prepared by experienced engineers and supervised by the production team.

Our employees participate in regular trainings, allowing them to constantly develop their skills and expand their knowledge. They benefit from automated processes, leading to an effect on production efficiency and reliability at every stage of work.

The wide range of our capabilities

  • two-component injection molding
  • Variotherm technology
  • central plastic feed
  • molecular sieve dryer
  • thermoforming
  • ultrasonic welding

Injection molding department

Made from the finest raw materials

The finished molds go to the injection molding department, where we can also pride ourselves on an extensive machine park. That includes more than 40 different injection molding machines, with short-circuit forces ranging from 30 to 550 t., including 4 two-component machines and 1 LSR machine for silicone injection. We use dryers hooked up to a central plastic feeding system for the preparation of raw material.

Other competencies

Aluminum die casting
Product design