Advanced production technologies

Thanks to our highly-advanced production technologies we are able to combine a unique design of the product with structural knowledge, creating solutions which simplify everyday life. A 60-person team of experienced employees is specialized in the development and production of the desired components.

Our experts distinguish the parameters of your project’s realization, determining the tolerances, dimensions and quality of your final product.  All the analyses, assessments and calculations are done in a accurate and reliable manner by means of the most modern computer technologies.

In order to receive the highest possible level of perfection, optimizations of plastics’ components, their injection molds, and even the whole process chains are realized in a gradual exact and detailed manner.


The wide range of our capabilities

In brief:

  • Moldflow analysis
  • Tolerance analyses
  • Conceptual prototypes
  • 3D construction
  • FEM analysis
  • Injection simulations
  • Polyurethane resin
  • FMEA
  • CAE
  • IGES
  • STP
  • Construction and structure of injection molds
  • Prototypes

Other competencies