Aluminum die casting

We are creating new possibilities

This newest division of the company has been equipped with two aluminum ingot melting furnaces and two injection molding machines with a short-circuit force of 380 and 510 tons.

The completed aluminum semi-finished products are vibratory processed, which allows for the removal of sharp edges and residues remaining after the casting process. From there they go directly to the assembly line.

High level of reliability and durability

BURY has recently been able to boast a state-of-the-art, well-equipped aluminum foundry, thanks to which the palette of manufactured components is expanding to include aluminum alloy parts.

Aluminum parts are characterized by high durability, and most importantly, they perfectly dissipate heat from electrical equipment. As a result, the equipment produced can operate in more difficult conditions, still guaranteeing a high level of reliability. This presents huge opportunities for further development. And product diversification effectively increases the stability of our company in the market.

The foundry department in Mielec currently has two casting cells. The casting process is fully automated, that is, starting from the collection of the liquid alloy, its injection into the mold, until the trimming of the finished part – all done without human intervention. This makes it possible to produce a very large number of repeatable quality pieces in a short period of time. Currently, this means about 6,500 pieces in 8 hours of operation per machine.

Other competencies

Construction of tools and injection molds
Prototypes construction