Functional tests


Meticulously conducted tests already taking place at the stage of prototypes are able to detect most defects in real-time and provide the necessary information about the compliance of the final product with customer expectations. That is why BURY pays so much attention to testing, it’s testing departments, as well as to it’s multitude of specialists who are also supplied with the most reliable equipment.

Based on the planned and required functions of your future device, functional testing is extremely important. In the first phase, an analysis is carried out based on the available interfaces, e.g. API or GUI. In the next one, if necessary, optimization and even better customization of the user interface. At every opportunity, our team strives to anticipate the entire process of use, then customize and simplify it as much as possible.

Functional testing in terms of:

  • LAH
  • Automotive standards
  • BURY technical specifications

Types of functional tests:

  • accompanying development studies
  • customer sample tests
  • validation tests

Laboratory test equipment:

  • Vector CAN/LIN interfaces
  • diagnostic interfaces
  • automatic testers
  • robotic workstations
  • test simulations
  • test racks
  • test cars
  • electric vehicle charging stations

Other competencies

Construction of tools and injection molds
Prototypes construction
Surface refinement