Comfortable and safe communication

BURY is the European market leader in the hands-free car kit technologies and supports various solutions in the area of individual applications in the premium segment.

The level of innovativeness of BURY products in the form of additional equipment, original accessories or during adaptation and integration of technologies is regularly confirmed by awards achieved in tests carried out by the international trade press.

A unique feature of BURY hands-free car kits  is voice control guaranteed by DialogPlus and precise and quick word recognition without the need for training.

Such carefully developed voice control prevents misinterpretation of the message and eliminates the need for troublesome repetitions.

It is BURY company that is the first manufacturer that launched a completely hands-free car kit controlled only by voice commands.

Another functional characteristic of our hands-free car kit is reading text messages or play-back of music from your smartphone in your car speakers. It is also possible to connect and use two mobile phones in one device, for example to separate private calls from business calls. These are only some of many features offered by our products.


Other products

Assembly aids
No matter where you mount BURY device components in your car, the company offers mounting aids, consoles, antennas, adapters and mounting extensions.
Gateways enable communication between different data buses such as e.g. CAN or MOST. Features such as an external access to the data of the car, for example, in order to check maintenance intervals must operate flawlessly.