Electronic circuit simulations

Is it possible to check the operation of an electronic system without producing it? Today it is difficult to imagine effective work in an electronics technician’s workshop without a computer. We  are able to do it by using documentation, drawing schematics or designing circuit boards. However, we are increasingly using computers to simulate electronic circuits. Such simulations allow for the checking the operation of the designed system without the need to assemble a prototype.

Simulating the operation of the system before installation can save a lot of money. Detecting an error at the design stage can save us from costly projects that would result in damage to the system.

What does the simulation of electronic circuits provide?

  • Reducing the cost of developing printed circuit boards and electronic components;
  • Checking the correct operation of electrical circuits;
  • Early detection of signal integrity issues;
  • The ability to read the values of current and voltage waveforms on virtual meters;
  • Tracking the current flow process in real-time;
  • Automatic optimization of the functionality of electronic circuits;
  • Improving the reliability of electronics.

What do we simulate?

  • Current flow;
  • Current sources;
  • Voltage sources;
  • Power generators;
  • Passive elements;
  • Active elements;
  • Microcontrollers.

Does simulation time flow with the current?

The simulation program includes components responsible for simulating the operation of passive and active elements. Current and voltage sources and even generators with different output waveforms can be used to power the circuits. The values appearing in the circuit can be examined by using a meter or a simple oscilloscope plotting waveform.

Speed, a huge library of elements and the simplicity of creating circuits are the advantages of the program. When designing a circuit, you can use the elements supplied with the program, download additional elements from the Internet, enter the parameters manually, or design the modules yourself. In addition to basic components, the component library also includes voltage stabilizers, current sources with different functions, comparators and many types of diodes.

In the circuit simulation mode, it is possible to check the voltage and current at various points in the circuit and view changes in current parameters over time on graphs. You only need to specify the simulation time for the basic test.

Simulation processes also use professional, commercial EDA (Electronic Design Automation) packages that include built-in circuit simulation modules and a range of tools to improve the design process with attention to electrical connection parameters. They can alert to signal integrity problems or crosstalk between paths.

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