History of the BURY company

BURY represents more than 35 years of continuous development, striving for excellence and implementing innovative solutions. With the unique competencies developed, we have become a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced information, communication and connectivity systems for the automotive industry. Our products and services are used by the world’s largest automotive companies such as Volkswagen, Daimler-Benz, BMW and General Motors.

Our history creates our today, so we are extremely proud of it.

1987 r.
BURY was founded in


Technological beginnings

The owner of today’s BURY and President of the Board of Directors, Henry Bury, founded the Telecommunications Engineering Office. At that time, the company’s business was based on sales of mobile phone accessories.

The year 1995 brought the first major success – a self-developed hands-free set (ET Series).

1987 r.
BURY was founded in


Voice control

We systematically launched other proprietary solutions: a hands-free speakerphone with digital signal processor (DSP) and a voice-controlled speakerphone with VoiceDial.

1.5 mln
devices sold


A New Chapter

With 1.5 million hands-free devices sold, we became the market leader in Europe. Rapid growth resulted in the relocation of the production site to the Euro-Park Mielec SSE and the subsequent beginning of close cooperation with the world’s largest car manufacturers.

1.5 mln
devices sold


Spreading our wings

The product portfolio grew. Among the products that appeared were: Uni ChauffeurTalk hands-free navigation system, BURY’s first navigation system (2003), UNI System 8 series BT adapter – the first hands-free set, Comfort Vision hands-free device with display (2005), Naviflash 1060: navigation system with DVB-T digital TV (2006), CC 9060 – the first fully voice-controlled device (2008).


The era of smartphones

The constantly changing market environment and the development of new technologies was another opportunity and possibility for the company to expand. The result was the CC 9068 App, the first permanently installed hands-free device operated entirely by an app on a smartphone display.


Buenos dias!

BURY welcomed their newest branch in Huamantla, Mexico. In addition to the area of equipment manufacturing and assembly, its main focus is on sales in North American markets.


One record after the next

The nomination to execute a project to make over 15 million USB Type-C connectors by 2029 is the largest order in the company’s history. The components will be installed in different classes of cars around the world.


We’re just getting started!

35 years after the company’s creation, almost 2,400 employees (more than 500 of whom are engineers) work towards BURY’s success. Our products are distributed in more than 50 countries, and more than 60 patents testify to our innovation and define the company as a leader in new technologies.

BURY participates in the development of new standards, being an active member of numerous consortia and organizations (including the Wireless Power Consortium, CharIN).

2400 employees
60 patents


Electromobility – a challenge and an opportunity

The year 2022 brought a new opening. Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the company to reduce its workforce by 15 percent (2020/21), the company increased its employment at all locations in 2022, returning to pre-pandemic levels.

Moreover, the company did not waste time during  the automotive market slump, and used it wisely to expand its competencies by “entering” the electromobility industry with new products.

2400 employees
60 patents