Information about job opportunities at BURY is available on the company’s website at www.bury.com under the Job Offers tab. Announcements also appear on the company’s profile on Facebook, the pracuj.pl portal and on the employer’s profile on the LinkedIn portal under the tab: Job offers and hej.mielec.pl and olx.pl.

An individual implementation plan is prepared for each new BURY employee. In the beginning, the employee performs a free of charge medical examination. During the adaptation period, the employee undergoes a series of initial training courses, selected according to the position, including learning basic information about the process of product construction and the company’s prevailing ESD protection rules, etc. This allows him or her  to learn about the specifics of the company and the requirements of the management systems in place at BURY. Training is provided by the human resources department, occupational health and safety services and the managers of the various units responsible for the most relevant processes within the company. In the following days, with the support of the team with which he or she starts working, the employee learns about responsibilities and undertakes the first independent tasks.

BURY’s employees are a team of qualified specialists. In a company operating in such a demanding industry as the automotive one , there is a process of continuous improvement in all areas. The company therefore supports the professional development and qualification of its employees by enabling them to participate in numerous internal and external training courses, subsidizing their higher education and providing opportunities for development in the field of learning programming through the Bury Soft Academy study specifically created by the company for company employees. In addition to this, the company has numerous internal recruitment processes that give employees interested in developing their career path at BURY the opportunity for additional promotions or a change of position.

BURY supports employees in their development and professional qualification. The company offers the possibility of receiving funding for studies in a field of study that coincides with the company’s business profile. Each application for funding is considered individually.

This is normalized by the provisions of BURY’s Labor Regulations and depends on the position held by the employee. Employees in administrative and clerical positions work flexible working hours from 7:30 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. – 5:30 p.m. decided upon after consultation with their supervisor. A task-based work system is in place in the Development area and  other positions agreed individually with the management. Employees in production positions work according to a schedule, depending on the area in which they are employed, on a one-, two- or three-shift basis.

BURY employees can choose to subsidize a Multisport card, private group insurance, private medical care and cinema tickets. In addition to this, employees who have been designated by the Board of Directors and according to the needs of the company can learn foreign languages during working hours. Everyone is welcome to participate in team-building events and charity events organized by the company.

BURY provides opportunities for anyone interested in a career with the company to pursue their professional plans.

BURY supports high school and university students in their first professional experience. Students wishing to build their competence in the field of electronics development are especially welcome. For more information on internship and apprenticeship opportunities, please visit:  INTERNSHIPS AND APPRENTICESHIPS

The specific nature of work in some positions at BURY makes it possible to work remotely. The possibility of working remotely is usually specified at the beginning of each recruitment process, and candidates can find information about it in the job offer. For some positions, it is also possible to enter into a service contract and sign a commonly named B2B (business to business) agreement.