Prototypes construction

Advanced prototype manufacturing technologies

Experienced industrial designers and construction engineers create the prototypes similar to those later of the serial production in order to carry out tests under conditions of use.

Our innovative products undergo restricted controls until the moment of achieving the quality which enables introducing our solutions into the market. Therefore we direct special attention to the construction and creation of samples (models/prototypes?).

Using proven, precise technologies and the most modern software constitutes the basis for the development of processes leading to the construction of high-quality components.

You can find the production of models in small or medium serial productions in our offer.

The wide range of our capabilities:

  • Prototyping
  • HW electronics prototyping
  • Short-run manufacturing
  • Simulation of manufacturing conditions


The idea is taking shape

The first prototypes of individual parts of the future device are constructed in the showroom department. We generally use 3D printers for this purpose. Some parts are made of resin and others are milled in metal.

We offer:

  • Precise prototyping with CNC machining;
  • 3D printing;
  • Modeling with liquid thermoplastics in FDM technology (e.g., from materials such as PC ABS,PET, FLEX,TPU);
  • Vacuum casting using silicone molds (e.g., from polyurethane resin);
  • Milling of molds from aluminum (e.g., for injection molding of prototypes from elastomers);

Other competencies

Functional tests
Surface Mounting (SMT)