Construction of tools and injection molds

Perfection requires precision

Applying the highest quality standards to shape products is our benchmark in injection mold manufacturing.

More than 40 highly qualified employees work in our tool shop every day to achieve this goal.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, we guarantee you high efficiency from the first moment of cooperation. Experienced structural engineers, CNC machine programmers and analysts focus on achieving excellent results in close cooperation with the entire production team.

The clear goal is to keep development and production costs to a minimum and achieve consistent production quality during the process. Together with our widely expanded machinery  and a variety of machining options, we are perfectly equipped to meet your requirements.

The wide range of our capabilities

  • CNC wire cutting EDM machine processing
  • CNC sinker EDM machine processing
  • EDM with the Erowa Multi robot
  • CNC EDM of the start holes drilling
  • machining

Construction department

Good form is the key

Designs are created for injection molds and all the tools needed throughout the production cycle in the tool design department. Moldflow simulations ensure that molds are accurately filled with plastic and minimize the risk of deformation of molded parts that can occur during cooling. Using extensive machinery, injection molds are created for parts made of plastic as well as aluminum.

Other competencies

Aluminum die casting
Mold Flow