You can find a hundred different control devices in modern cars which enable smoother management of the flow of data between the different interfaces and network protocols.

Gateways enable communication between different data buses such as e.g. CAN or MOST. Features such as an external access to the data of the car, for example, in order to check maintenance intervals must operate flawlessly. At the same time it is necessary to support the high standard of network security.

Smartphones, tablets, mobile phones – connection to the mobile device in your car requires a high technological thinking, on the one hand to be able to achieve a modern solution and on the other hand to take into account the potential of product development in the future.

Full integration and network security

BURY company understands these requirements and responsibility resting on it, whereas our customers really appreciate it, as evidenced by many of our products which successfully cope on the market and are the pride of our vision of modern technology.

In addition to the equipment we also take responsibility for software architecture. Starting from the configuration of operating systems of gateways, through incorporating firewalls up to WLAN / Bluetooth technology – the development of your products is in the hands of our IT specialists.


Other products

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Innovations are created and realized in this sector many years before their introduction into series production by other producers.