PowerMount SYSTEM


POWERMOUNT isn`t only about comfort

An innovative, modular solution that defines new standards in the automotive accessories market

Nowadays, one of the most important factors in the use of a car is its functional equipment. Customization of integrated devices and systems is becoming even more crucial.

Each recipient has their own expectations and needs for accessories as well as their functional use in the vehicle. Therefore, POWERMOUNT System meets the universal requirements of each customer.




Original design combined with a wide range of possibilities


This is the newest challenge that BURY has taken on – creating a modern and versatile POWERMOUNT System product. A new and unique design on the market based on a modular design that can be constantly adapted to changing user needs and technological advances.

Sophisticated design and the use of high-quality materials make the devices fit into any modern car interior. When a vehicle is changed, the system can easily be removed without visible traces and installed in a different car.

Other products

S8/S9 Complementary Devices
S8/S9 PowerMount Adapter enables the connection of universal POWERMOUNT mounts to a S8/S9 Base.
A high-quality microphone stands out with distortion-free, undisturbed voice transmission.