Cradle systems


Active and passive cradle systems

As for cradles for smartphones and tablets, customer requirements are particularly high. Our projects must therefore be satisfactory not only in terms of quality, workmanship and functioning but also they should meet the expectations in terms of design – to be matched to the line of car and equipment and they need to perfectly blend in with the whole interior of the vehicle.

These active ones may charge final devices placed in them, as well as impact the improvement of power transceivers through a combination with an external antenna.

Additional introduction of communication technologies such as MirrorLinkTM, Android AutoTM or Apple CarPlayTM enables the cradle to do more- an active interface between the device and the final information system of the car.

There are many portable final devices on the market, usually with short periods of durability. Statistically, consumer replaces their phone every 2 years. Therefore, in order to avoid a necessity of changing the cradle with each new purchase or change of a car owner, an universal cradle was designed to ensure high compatibility with products which are currently available on the market.

Design and function

Integrated competences: Design, ergonomics, mechanics and electronics

For each use case, we design appropriate passive or active, universal or dedicated cradles together with our customers, taking into account the ergonomic and economic aspects of the product.

We boast many years of experience, cooperation with partners from the automotive industry, telecommunications industry and many successfully completed projects in the OEM and Aftermarket. Our technological knowledge enables us to support our customers already at the stage of conception and to implement an appropriate cradle for them together with the development of their product. As a result, the cradle is ready right at the time of launching customer’s product on the market.


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