Precise play-back and sound quality

A high-quality microphone stands out with distortion-free, undisturbed voice transmission. Factors in the form of engine noise, rolling and other audible sounds, e.g. air noise are reduced to a minimum.

Microphones produced by BURY company meet requirements in terms of undisturbed communication inside the car.

Own acoustic laboratory equipped in measuring devices of HEAD Acoustics company ensures reliable sound quality test results.

Patented solutions and the ability to use even the smallest space available are some of many benefits the customer receives during product development performed at BURY company. On top of that,  we attach great importance to meticulous selection of the material for appropriate technology.

Advanced comprehensive interoperability of mechanical ranges , compact high-performance electronics and strong characteristics of directivity of a microphone is proof of the high quality product in every situation, both during a telephone conversation, verbal command input or activation of an emergency call (eCall).
Thanks to measurements of noise inside the car microphone offered by BURY company also allow you to fine-tune the sound system.

Other products

BURY CarPhone
Car phone with hands-free kit and high-precision voice recognition function.
USB charging
As a partner of companies in the automotive industry, it has implemented many effective projects in the area of USB modules in different markets all over the world.
BURY is the European market leader in the hands-free car kit technologies and supports various solutions in the area of individual applications in the premium segment.