ENV tests


The evaluation is based on an analysis of whether your product is fully functional throughout its lifetime under normal and extreme climatic conditions. We carry out tests for corrosion resistance, UV resistance, dust resistance, water resistance, aging, light and weather conditions in our laboratories. Thermal shocks are also tested.

Temperature and climate tests are carried out in special chambers, covering entire devices or selected components. We prepare your product in simulated test environments for use in the real world. We test the device’s ability to withstand extreme temperatures, varying levels of pressure, vibration, shock, icing, moisture and dust.

Tests conducted:

  • Mechanical tests (vibration, shock, free fall)
  • lifetime tests
  • durability tests
  • chemical resistance tests
  • thermal shock tests
  • ice and freezing rain tests
  • measurements of forces and distances of sockets, springs
  • tests of paint coatings
  • sand and dust tests
  • solar radiation tests
  • humidity tests
  • temperature tests
  • corrosion and rapid aging tests
  • misuse tests
  • colometric analysis
  • illumination assessment

Other competencies