New technologies are both our passion and our professional challenge, which is why research and development activities are key links for the BURY Group.  The BURY R&D CENTER located in Rzeszow, which functions within its structures, develops innovative products and solutions mainly for automotive electronics components.

At the same time, our R&D provides substantial support for projects implemented in other branches of the BURY Group – in Mielec and Löhne (Germany).

R&D CENTER activities:

  • Designing innovative electronics and software solutions
  • Development of software for prototype WLC devices with implemented security keys to identify the car user
  • Development of SW Layer for microprocessor devices based on AutoSar architecture, in particular communication functions:  SW Download, Bootloader, Service Diagnostics, etc.
  • Development of software for device modules dedicated to electromobility, including charging systems for electric cars, and solar systems in vehicles
  • HW development support for modules and devices

Looking forward

Almost every modern electronic module for a car requires the implementation of microprocessor-based solutions, buses (usually dedicated to automotive CAN or LIN) and interfaces.  Their functionality is realized through software applications, which is why it is such an essential part of any solution and thus requires the knowledge and work of specialized engineering staff. And it is in this aspect that the BURY company has been building its competence for years.

Recently, much of the development research carried out by R&D CENTER BURY has focused on the topic of electromobility, which is slowly becoming the present of the entire automotive industry.

Renewable energy sources,  mainly including photovoltaics, and consequently electric car charging is the direction in which the entire global economy of highly developed countries is moving.

Exceptional staff

Highly qualified specialists involved in, low-level programming of 32-bit controllers dedicated to embedded systems as well as systems engineers or electronics design engineers make up the exceptional group of people working under the aegis of R&D CENTER BURY SP. Z o.o.

People who combine their passions and their profession are the key to our success.