Phone hands-free car kits


Phone hands-free car kits

Phone control devices do not only play a function of a mobile phone in the car. Usually invisible, built mostly in the driver cabin, they give the possibility of convenient and extended use of your mobile phone.

The user benefits from improved voice quality and stable power transceiver. They can also enjoy the battery savings because the phone after sending data to the SIM card goes into the stand-by mode.

GSM / UMTS / LTE module is associated with an external antenna so that it is possible to maintain a stable network strength even in the case of metallic glass.

The map data used by the module G-2, G-3 or G-4, on the one hand to connect to the mobile network and on the other – to display contact data for example call lists, addresses, etc.




Comfort telephony

Interactions can be made comfortably and above all safely through the appropriate voice commands and responses are reproduced in Text-to-Speech the technology. Thanks to the connection with the hands-free device information, e.g. text messages are converted to speech and drivers’ hands still rest safely on the steering wheel.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology a few mobile phones can

be connected to a phone control device. It makes it possible to use them for example in the character of privacy handset or a control element.

BURY company takes car telecommunications car to a new, safe and reliable level – our solutions for controlling telephones are perfectly adapted to requirements concerning cars.


Other products

Gateways enable communication between different data buses such as e.g. CAN or MOST. Features such as an external access to the data of the car, for example, in order to check maintenance intervals must operate flawlessly.
USB interfaces
USB interfaces are most commonly used devices of CE type in cars.