Functional control elements


Combining haptical properties, attractive appearance and benefits for a user

Control elements which are inside the cockpit do not fulfil only functional tasks- they also have an influence on appearance of car interior.

Requirements for design are extremely high: reliability, attractive appearance, high quality of workmanship, ease of use – all of this with maintaining the functionality of the device.

Light reflecting, painted surfaces or surfaces resistant to scratching, buttons, switches with functional backlight or with auxiliary backlight- parts produced by us have a pleasant feel and they are visually attractive.

BURY company combines competence in the areas of electronics, mechanics and software in the process of creating each product.

The concept of control element does not focus on the same part but it covers the entire device.


Design and functionality

Inseparably connected

BURY offers you a wide range of experience in the development and production of the desired component. This also includes for example the graphic design of the user interface or the structure of the menu guide so that the navigation can be simple and so comfortable as possible. Also in this area we guarantee you the highest quality and competitive prices.

Other products

Radio remote controls
Full comfort with one button press thanks to radio remote controls, that enable easy control of activities of everyday life.
PowerMount SYSTEM
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USB interfaces
USB interfaces are most commonly used devices of CE type in cars.