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Interfejsy USB

Fast and efficient connectors

USB interfaces are most commonly used devices of CE type in cars. Their purpose is not only to charge devices but also to exchange data and information between devices such as smartphones and in-car multimedia unit.

BURY company supports all current standards of fast charging. This is important if you use Apple CarPlay, AndroidAuto or MirrorLink.

Computing and hardware can be also used: application surfaces of smartphones or apps can be mirrored on displays. Voice controls and controls are also connected via USB interfaces. Type C standards allow a power consumption of up to 100 W without additional power supply. SIM card reader, AUX input or repeater for signal amplification. The lighting can also be adapted to the vehicle interior lighting.

The USB modules can be individually equipped with various functions such as SD or SIM card reader,

AUX input or repeater for signal amplification. The lighting can also be adapted to the vehicle interior lighting.

For protection against overheating we use encapsulated metal cooling structure for optimal heat dissipation. Using high-performance switches we are able to reduce the amount of emitted heat.

Efficient module for intelligent wiring

Smartphones, tablets, notebooks – are the devices which accompany us every day, when we work and relax. However, a uniform solution which would enable fast charging of this type of devices, has not been available so far to vehicle manufacturers. The reason was the existence of different, partially copyrighted standards.


USB Power Delivery provides an open standard supported by all manufacturers of the devices. With the use of USB Type-C Power Delivery 2X100W module, BURY company offers effective solutions. Charging power reaches 100W, and this is enough to charge even efficient notebooks up to 100% within an hour.

BURY company has got many years of experience related to the integration of CE devices. As a partner of companies in the automotive industry, it has implemented many effective projects in the area of USB modules in different markets all over the world. Almost all leading German manufactures choose BURY company as a preferred partner.


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