Bluetooth® S9 hands-free accessory kit

For all hands-free kits with Bluetooth® technology

  • Charging function to guarantee unlimited phone time
  • Possibility to connect an external GSM antenna, which gives allows for better transmission and reception quality
  • Quick and easy replacement of complementary sets thanks to snap-in assembly
  • Convenient and secure location
  • A variety of mounting options, including dashboard or console mounting, thanks to the Dash Mount Adapter
  • For permanent installation or optionally for quick connection via cigarette lighter socket

System 9

Bluetooth® S9 hands-free accessory kit

  1. The first step is to choose where and how to mount the hanger (BURY BasePlate).
  2. Then, place the holder suitable for your mobile phone or a universal holder (BURY ActiveCradle) in the hanger.
  3. From now on, you can use your phone with optimal network coverage with a fully charged battery.

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