BURY CarPhone


Car phone with hands-free kit and high-precision voice recognition function

  • An independent SIM card communication system
  • Convenient operation – thanks to large backlit buttons and a high-resolution display
  • DialogPlus – voice control system, high precision and quick voice recognition, with visual and acoustic hints for the user
  • Magic word – activation of the voice control system with a single command
  • FDN function– economical limitation of phone numbers
  • Text-to-speech- function of reading out text messages
  • Perfect sound quality with the use of a car audio set and automatic muting of the radio during a phone call
  • Automatic radio muting – during phone calls
  • Option to conduct several conversations simultaneously – support for waiting calls, teleconference with up to 7 callers
  • Displayed information, phone book, call list, call reception, phone name and network operator
  • Emergency call by means of pressing the SOS button
  • Private call mode – the ability to talk discreetly through the handset1
  • Easy synchronization of contacts – using the application via PC (USB connector)

1 Option: Private handset

Subject to change without prior notice.



Car telephones with hands-free system at Fraport AG

Fraport AG relies on communication solutions from BURY for the internal communication of its ground handling services at Frankfurt Airport.



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