Applications for hands-free car kit


Easy user interface

Applications enable easy and convenient use of devices that can be programmed. With the development of the sector of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and smartwatches you can notice a growing interest in practical solutions in the sphere of software.

Additionally, controlling multiple functions in the car can be applied every day and be implemented in a user-friendly way.

With the competence which BURY company has in the area of IT we can offer creating and configuring user interfaces at your company.
By creating customized programs for known operating systems, i.e. IOS, Android, BlackBerry OS and Windows we serve all of the most common platforms on the market. For example, we have created a user interface for AppleWatch tailored to the individual needs of the customer.

There are many possibilities of using it in the car: device operation, visualisation of information about the car, using the service, data evaluation and the most various intended uses e.g. an interface for AppleWatch

Other products

Powerflash 9040
Powerflash 9040 Portable Type 2 charger (up to 22 kW) with Wallbox option
Functional control elements
Control elements which are inside the cockpit do not fulfil only functional tasks- they also have an influence on appearance of car interior.
Powerflash 9050
Powerflash 9050 Portable Type 2 charger (up to 22 kW) with Wallbox option with Free Powerflash App