BURY EasyTouch Pro


Simply professional

  • Text-to-speech1 – readout of status and information messages
  • Update possibility – via USB cable and software package
  • Best battery performance function – dim LEDs
  • Memory capacity – max. 8 telephone signatures, one telephone book with max. 1,000 entries
  • Bluetooth®  – wireless connection of the mobile phone and carkit
  • Music playback – music files saved on the mobile phone via A2DP

1TTS is only available for the German, English (UK/US), French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and Russian language. For all other menu languages the readout takes place in English.


Fact Sheet

EasyTouch Pro - the broad standard for mobile flexibility

EasyTouch Pro is controlled by a touch panel.The function keys are large and backlit, which makes the set very pleasant to use. However, the most important advantages are a sensational speaker and a very sensitive, retractable microphone.

Other products

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